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Takosha Swan would love to meet YOU!

Learn about how Takosha started a choir in the middle of Iraq, during war that gave mental inspiration to many service-members during one of the toughest times in their lives! You have seen Takosha Swan on Yahoo News, The University of Phoenix Mental Health News Articles, NBC News, Kaiser Permanente Partnership Commercial, As a recipient of a Commendation from the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, as a Governor Appointed Public Official for Veterans and so much more! Swan is an author and leader in the shifting, changing and uniting of nations. She is the owner of Business Women Consulting and the Vice-Chair of the Georgia Department of Veterans Service Board.

She is a survivor and Soldier of War and Natural disasters.

Swan is an initiator and idea accomplisher in inspiring  human lives.

Takosha is the creator of The Veteran Anthem, a song created to inspire new life to service-members and Veterans during and after the military.

She is the Composer and Singer of symphony orchestrated music

She is a creator of Projects that bring National unity. She looks forward to meeting you and learning more about how she can support you!


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